That was headline a few years ago.....the news that had us all running scared....

but RDA HAS ARRIVED.....and we have survived.....

RDA NEWS & INFO : Here is a selection of links to useful presentations, webinars, blogs etc.

RDA SA WEBSITE The website was launched a while back....and we are awaiting updates...but do bookmark it for future reference

It includes info on:
  • South African RDA Steering Committee info
  • News of any further RDA training for South Africa 2015 onwards......
  • RDA Lecture Series 2009 with Robert Maxwell - Pretoria - July 2009 : Programme & Presentations, Presenters, Photos

IGBIS Workshop

  • The last IGBIS national workshop devoted to RDA was entitled Generation RDA and held in Pretoria in June 2013 and repeated in Cape Town in August 2013.

JSC : The Joint Steering Committee responsible for developing RDA

JSC for development of RDA
Includes links to training material + RDA presentations

RDA TOOLKIT: Visit the Toolkit website

If your library hasn't yet started subscribing, sign up for a free trial and "test drive" it yourself.
Includes the Essentials - webinars introducing the Toolkit.....sign up for the next one...or view previous ones archived on the website.
(Subscriptions can be arranged via SABINET or directly with the publishers)


What is FRBR? : a conceptual model for the bibliographic universe / Dr Barbara Tillett, Library of Congress)
(Good introduction to FRBR. 2004)

Demystifying RDA / Chris Oliver
Oliver, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. (An excellent mid-level introduction. 2010)

RDA Compared with AACR2 / Tom Delsey, RDA Editor (Good, brief, high-level comparison. 2009)

Changes from AACR2 to RDA: A Comparison of Examples / Adam Schiff, University of Washington
(Provides examples to many of the changes in the above document. 2011)

ALA/ALCTS for RDA Webinar archive